Tuesday, October 17, 2006
This is How Madeline Tells Secrets...

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Back Home...
The girls were all smiles until they realized they had done a no-no...
Notice their faces after they realized that climbing up on the changing table and pulling all of the wipes out of the wipe box was a no-no...Madeline is still trying to convince Mommy that she is too cute to be in trouble!

I love this...Maggie was feeding Madeline her leftover cereal this morning. Of course, Maggie had already eaten all of the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms, but Madeline didn't care!
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We Love You Mom and Dad!!
Grandma, Maggie, Madeline and Grandpa...love this picture!
Madeline and Grandpa ringing the bell.
My favorite picture...Daddy and Madeline.
Maggie looking at the ducks with Grandma and Grandpa.
Absolutely love this picture of Maggie holding Grandma's hand.

On our way back to Wisconsin from SC, we got to spend a day with my parents in Anderson, SC. We had a great time at the SC Botanical Gardens. The girls had so much fun spending time with Grandma and Grandpa...running around the trails, and trying to talk to the ducks and geese in the pond. The time definitely went by too fast, as usual, and we can't wait to see you, Mom and Dad, at Thanksgiving!
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Seeing Friends in Greenville!!!
Love this girl...Melissa (Stockstill) Jantz! Thank you guys so much for letting us invade your home for a couple of days. Mel and I have been friends for nine years and counting..she always challenges me, and I am so thankful that the Lord allowed our paths to cross in the Alumni building nine years ago. The Lord has blessed her with a wonderful husband and a super-cute baby boy!!!
Dave Doran...one of our summer staff from Summer 2006. Was great seeing him and many other former staff while we were at BJ recruiting. We miss you guys!!
Friend from college...Wendy...who I had not seen in a VERY long time! It was so good to catch up with her, and see her new baby Gabe. We had some good talks, and as always, she encouraged me towards Christlikeness! Wendy was a Senior when I was a Freshman, and as President of my society, Beta Chi Omega, I definitely looked up to her as a Freshman! She is such an awesome person, and the Lord has blessed her with a terrific husband and a beautiful baby.
Elizabeth and Asher...it was so great to see little Asher for the first time! What a cutie! 11 years of friendship...unbelievable!!!
Will and Rob...Will is basically kneeling on the ground in this picture. That is how tall he is.
Me and Lisa....friends for 11 years and counting. We have so many terrific memories together, and I will always cherish our friendship. We have a like mind and heart about so many things, and I am truly blessed to have a friend like her. Love you Lis!

We always love the annual recruiting trip to Greenville for summer staff! We get a little time away from the girls, we get to see last year's summer staff, and we get to see our dearest friends from college! Love it! We got to stay with our friends, Jamin and Mel Jantz (and Baby Aiden). We had such a good time hanging out at their home, and I am definitely having Aiden withdrawals....he is such a cute boy! We also got to spend an evening with our other close friends, Will and Lisa Messier. We are already making plans for all six of us to get together for New Years in Charleston, SC...can't wait to see you guys again!!! Also, my friend Elizabeth drove all the way from Atlanta so that I could see her and her new baby Asher....thank you Elizabeth, wish we could've spent more time together.
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Time in Charleston
Saying good-bye to Aunt Kelly as she left for work!
Big hugs and kisses for PaPa and Grandma Shell!
Madeline is definitely PaPa's Girl!

So nice to be able to spend time with Mom and Dad Fipps and Kelly in Charleston, SC last week. We were on our way down to Greenville, SC to recruit for our summer camp staff at BJ, and got to spend 1 1/2 days with family in Charleston. Also, they graciously watched the girls for us so that we could have stress-free recruiting time at BJ. Definitely nice to have some "adult time," but we were definitely ready to see the girls again at the end of the week. Thank you Mom, Dad and Kelly for taking care of the girls! Can't wait to be back there for the Holidays!
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Friday, October 06, 2006
Back By Popular Demand...
Not only have we had many requests from family for more videos, but also a very specific request from Matt and Erica Owen (and Stella, of course). Here you go guys! By the way, believe it or not, our girls have had no formal training, what you see is pure TALENT!

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Recent Pictures...
These are our "Campus Kids." NBBC has a Campus Kids program where each Faculty/Staff member has 4-8 college students as their adopted kids for the four years (or more) that they are at Northland. From Right: Joe Everson, Kenneth Everson, Madeline, Amy Templeton, Ruth Meyer, Maggie and Jon Templeton. (Not Pictured: Kamie Miner) We had a great time with our "kids" last night. Homeade pizza, salad and Tiramisu Cheesecake were on the menu - special thanks to Tamara Prine who came and helped me in the kitchen! Funny story regarding campus kids: Maggie said to me last night, "Why do they all call Daddy their Dad?" I said to her, "Well, they are kind of adopted into our family." She said, "Oh, like 'Elf'!!" Now, if you have not seen the movie "Elf," you are missing one of Maggie's favorite and most memorized movies. Suddenly the concept of Campus Kids made sense to Maggie when she thought about it with "Elf" in mind!!!
Maggie and Rob loading all of our freshly cut wood into the back of our truck.
We heat our home primarily with our wood burning stove in the winter, so Rob spends
just about any free time he has right now cutting wood.
Maggie loved helping daddy...one piece of wood at a time!
This is one of Maggie's teachers at Wednesday night Kids' Club at our church. Miss Andrea (Blaha) does a great job with the 2-5 year olds! Maggie is always full of things to tell us about on our way home from church on Wednesday night. Recently, Andrea has been teaching them about "helping those in need," and they have been praying for a missionary family. Maggie always makes sure to have me pray for that family when we pray together in the morning.
This is where Rob is on Wednesday nights at our church - Kids' Club! This year, Rob has been in charge of all of the children's ministries at Grace, which definitely keeps him busy. Our Wednesday night Kids' Club is such an exciting and unusual ministry...we have about 75% kids from the community and 25% church kids. It is awesome to see the vans pull in week after week with more and more kids from Iron Mountain/Kingsford, MI coming to hear about Christ and salvation. Last year, we ended the year with about 80 kids, so we're super excited to see what the Lord will do this year! We are also blessed with many Northland college students who come help out with this ministry on Wednesdays. We are really praying that not only will these kids bring more of their friends, but that their parents would be interested in coming to Grace as well. So far, we haven't seen too much progress in that area, so perhaps you could intercede for this ministry even now as you are reading this blog!
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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Trying Out the Video Uploading...

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
Rob's Camp B-Day Party
Our Camp Family...thank you guys for the great party!!

The Camp Office threw a party today for Rob's birthday. His birthday is officially on Thursday, October 5th, but we had a great party today complete with party subs from Subway and delicious cheesecake filled cupcakes. The girls thoroughly enjoyed the cupcakes as you can tell by their chocolate-crusted mouths.
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Attempted Pictures...

Well, it was poor lighting, and the girls were not necessarily cooperating with me or the camera, but these are some pictures of the girls on Sunday morning before church.
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So Glad to Have the Burtons Back for a Visit!!
Me & Sarah
Maggie, Madeline, Carter and Morgan
We were so excited to have our good friends, Aaron and Sarah Burton, along with their kids, Carter and Morgan, back to Northland for a visit. Aaron is now the camp director at Amazing Grace Baptist Camp, and so they were up here recruiting for staff this past week. We had so much fun together - especially the night we got babysitters and went out by ourselves! We love you Aaron and Sarah, and we miss you!!! We'll see you in a week at BJU!
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