Monday, October 29, 2007
Maggie's School Halloween Party
"The Gang" - Chandler, Chayton, Jack, Emily, Robbie, Chauncey, Alex, Giselle, Madeline and Maggie. (L to R).
Up on stage for the Age 0-4 Costume Contest

Madeline proudly displaying her award-winning costume and medal.

Robbie showing off his duck costume.

Check out that tail!

Emily Whitt helping Maggie with one of the games.

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the Cookie Decorating table.

Superman and Barbie Cheerleader jumping together...

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whenever we plan a special family time (whether it is a movie night, a game night, or a family outing) we call it a Fipps Family Fun Night (FFFN). Since Rob was gone all week last week, we decided it was time for a FFFN. We went to the bowling alley, and the girls had a blast. The last picture of Madeline is on the way home from the bowling alley...a tired, chocolate-crusted girl!
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Preparing for the Winter

Rob has been very busy cutting and loading wood for the Winter. Our main source of heat for the Winter is our wood burning stove, and it is starting to get cold...
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Kids' Club at Grace Baptist Church

Rob is the Children's Pastor at Grace, so the Wednesday night Kids' Club is one of his main responsibilities. These are some pictures of our group. We have any interesting set-up with about 7 of our 35 being church kids; the rest are kids from the community - many of which come from very rough homes. One little girl had to watch her mom go back to jail recently for a drug offence...pray for us as we try to teach these little ones about God's plan to redeem their lives through Jesus Christ.
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Making Some Fall Treats

The girls and I had fun making some yummy pumpkin rice krispy treats. Madeline enjoyed the chocolate on the top more than the actual rice krispies!!
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Our Trip to SC
This is Rob and the kids with their Great Great Grandma...she is 93 years old and still living by herself in her home. She is amazing!!

We always look forward to Northland Camp's recruiting trip to BJ, because it means we get to see our family and friends in SC. This time was no different, as we were able to see both of our parents, as well as many of our good friends from college. Here are just a few of the pictures from our trip.
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Robbie...14 weeks

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Catching up with the Fipps...
We've been having some problems with our blog lately, but it is working today, so I will try to get some pictures up here. We've been super busy...have been down to SC for a week for Northland Camp recruiting, and have been super busy with all of Rob's responsibilities with church and camp. Aaron and Sarah Burton have been up here visiting this week (and recruting for their camp), and we have been having fun catching up with them! We miss them and are sad that they don't live up here anymore! These are their kids (Carter and Morgan) with Maggie and Madeline.

I miss my buddy Sarah!!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!! We Miss You!!!

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Monday, October 01, 2007
Our First Pumpkin of the Season
Madeline = Loves Messy Things!
Maggie = "Ewww! Gross!"
"How excited are you guys about this?"

We decided on a "girly" pumpkin this year...complete with eyelashes, earrings, and a hat that keeps flying away! The girls had fun helping, well, at least watching Rob as he did all of the work (although I toasted some yummy pumpkin seeds!). Madeline had fun squishing bugs that were on the sidewalk nearby. ("Look, Daddy....they have pee pee inside them!" - speaking of their guts that she found when she squished them!!!:))

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Rob's Surprise Birthday Trip

Since Rob was going to be out of town for his birthday this year, I decided to surprise him and take him to Green Bay (actually De Pere) this weekend. De Pere is such a cool little town, and we had such a good time! A friend of ours took the girls overnight for me, and a lady in Green Bay watched Robbie for us for a few hours! We went to this amazing little restaurant called Pasquali's (sp?) that had yummy award-winning ribs and homemade fries (regular and sweet potato!)...did I mention the fried raviolis for our appetizer?! Then, we went to a place called Comedy City that does improv. comedy shows (kind of like Comedy Sports). It was so much fun. Of course, we had to get some ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery on the way home!! What a fun night! We decided we had not done one of these self-portraits since we were dating, so it took us several shots to get one we liked!
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