Wednesday, June 11, 2008
More Camp 2008
Madeline with her "bee-catching friend," Michelle Gowler.
Madeline with an inch-worm (no surprise here).

All the Camp Staff Kids (minus one, Corey Frazor).
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Robbie's Surgery

After enduring many, many ear infections, Robbie will hopefully have some relief now. We decided after talking to an ear, nose and throat specialist, that he needed to get tubes put in his ears. We had to arrive at 6:30am, and the surgery started at 8:00am. Robbie did great...he didn't fuss hardly at all leading up to it, and just fussed a little when coming out of the anesthesia (sp?). He was quite the trooper. I know that I cried more than he did. The doctor was great, and came out as soon as it was over to let us know that it went well. Our pastor and his wife came to be with us, and took us out to breakfast at McDonalds afterwards. We're relieved that it is over, and that Robbie will have some relief, and even be able to hear better now.

Getting his hospital bracelet (or anklet, in his case.).
Getting the vitals.
Smiling for the camera.

Robbie was pretty out of it he is with the monkey that the Kimbroughs brought him at the hospital.Once we got to McDonalds and he got some food, he was a happy boy, talking to his new monkey.
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Saturday, June 07, 2008
Maggie's First T-Ball Game
The 4-6 year olds line up.
Running the bases...Maggie was at the head of the "slow bunch." The faster, athletic kids were in a bunch rounding around first about this time!:)

Practicing throwing.

Taking a little drink/port-a-potty break.
Some of her t-ball buds...Andrew Belford, Jackson Whitt and Alana Calverly

Chandler Gearhart getting some batting tips.
Chayton Gearhart up to bat.
Maggie took the "low stance" that the coach taught them very seriously.Jackson Whitt up to bat.

Maggie gets a hit.
Proud of standing on first base.
Running to second.

Running home.

Madeline and the Belford girls decided to pretend that the dirt was their make-up.

Robbie and his buddy Chauncey Gearhart doing what they do best - eating!

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Monday, June 02, 2008
More Camp Days

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