Saturday, March 29, 2008
Maggie's 5th Birthday Party
Her fairy garden cake...she loved it!

Thanks to my wonderful husband, who is the expert of all games, Maggie had some very fun games at her birthday party. He was the Program Coordinator all day!

Maggie had four friends from school and two friends from Northland.

Craft time was a big hit!

The two Spidermen enjoying their cake.

Aunt Carissa and Robbie

Maggie got some awesome presents...lots of Strawberry Shortcake and princess stuff...her favorites!

Maggie & Ashlynn
Maggie and Andrew N.Maggie and Andrew B.
Maggie and Calli
Maggie and Chayton
Maggie and Maddie

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Easter 2008
This is at the practice for our Easter program. It is a huge outreach for our church, and it was so exciting to see the Lord bring in many of the parents of the children in our Kids' Club.

We made Resurrection Cookies for the first time this year. You go through the story of the crucifixion with the different parts of the recipe (the guards beat Jesus/the kids beat the nuts, etc.). It was fun to do, although not all of the cookies did what they were supposed to do (you are supposed to have hollow cookies, like the empty tomb).

Taping the oven shut (rolling the stone over the tomb). Then you leave them in the oven all night, and when you come back in the morning, the cookies are supposed to be empty.
Running out of their room for our indoor Easter egg hunt. It snowed here on Easter, so an indoor hunt was necessary!!:)

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Friday, March 21, 2008
He is Risen!!!

The girls and I had so much fun dyeing Easter eggs this year. We decided to try some polka dots with their stickers...which morphed into using butterfly stickers...which made some really neat butterfly designs...also, I decided to empty some of the eggs so we could enjoy them longer and they wouldn't stink. Have you ever done that? It is so much fun. Two holes on either side of the egg...blow into one...all the egg insides come out the other hole. It was so cool...

I am really enjoying celebrating Easter with the girls this year. We have been going through the Resurrection Eggs from Family Life for our family devotions each night - which are a really neat way to teach your children the Easter story. Today we listened to the Easter story from The Word of Promise. You can go to to listen to it from yesterday's broadcast. It was a really neat way for the girls to hear the story dramatically told.

My friend Carissa told me about Resurrection Cookies which we are going to make tomorrow night. As you are reading this, please pray for our church's Easter program on Sunday. This is a huge time for many of the children from our Kids' Club to bring their parents - usually this is the only time of the year they will come - to see their kids sing in the program.

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Robbie at Nine Months
Loves his laptop almost as much as his Daddy loves his...although Robbie's isn't a Mac!
Sheer concentration...
This look typifies Robbie over the past few weeks...always making very loud noises!!!
He already has his two bottom middle teeth, and this week, I can see four top teeth poking through the gums!!
Looking up at his Daddy..."DaDa" is still his only "word."

Love his chubby little hands...and legs...and cheeks...did I mention his adorable lack of a neck?!

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