Thursday, July 31, 2008
Robbie and Daddy

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Another Early Reader

Another early reader on our hands? I came into the girls' room the other day, and Robbie had climbed up on their basket of books, and was "reading" one. So cute!!!

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Monday, July 28, 2008
Staff Banquet
Me and Brianne
Aunt Zetta and me
Dee Dee this friend!
Bridget Egerdahl...did a fantastic job with the banquet.

Me & Erin
Mark and Sarah...last year at this banquet was their first date, now they are engaged to be married!!

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Visit from Grandma

My mom was here all last week, and unfortunately, these were the only pictures I took. We had such a good time with her though, and the kids made some wonderful memories. Grandma and Maggie had daily dates in the afternoon at camp - spending time at the craft shop, snack shop, etc. Friday night when Rob got home from work, we had a bonfire and smores. We have been doing a lot of bonfires lately...some phase we're going through I guess. We roast marshmallows, and then sing a bunch of the girls' favorite songs...good times.

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Dinner in Green Bay
Me and Brianne
Take 1: Mike and Bridgette making fun of our pic (shown later).
Pic 2: Aren't they cute?
Kevin and Isetta...great friends
We traded cars for the evening...our Honda van for Caroline Lee's BMW...not a bad trade!
Erin of the sweet girls in my Power Group
Our times...good food.
This is our hilarious picture...whose arm does that look like on Rob's shoulder?!
Michael of Rob's Power Group guys.

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Will Work For Food


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Friday, July 18, 2008
Daddy Date
Rob and Will Galkin decided to take "their girls" on a double date to the coffee shop last week. The girls had a blast...I think they've already scheduled a 4-wheeler date for this week...or maybe that is just for Daddy and Will?!:)
Rob is ALWAYS taking the girls on Daddy Dates...I am so thankful for a husband who invests so much time and energy into his kids. Even when he doesn't have any time or energy left!!!

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008
Sunday Pics

Couldn't get a good smile out of Robbie...he had been up since 6:45am, and promptly went to sleep on the way to church.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008
Freedom Celebration 2008
Maggie and Brianne
The Office Girls at the Information Booth
The Pettit Team performing.
Me and My Man...I love him!!!
Madeline and her "future husband" - Justin Glanzer. She likes him because "he is funny."

Getting ready for fireworks.
Robbie and Program Guy, Josh West.

Daddy and Madeline
Maggie, serious about the carnival game.
Madeline, just wanting the free candy.
Maggie and her classmate, Ashlyn Miller.
Rob and Mike...

Showing off their face paint...

Maggie with George Washington, Uncle Sam and Sacajawea (sp?)

Maggie and our friend, Helaine Rozelle.
Maggie and Tommy Frazor, "Ladies' Man."

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