Friday, October 31, 2008
Our Annual Pumpkin Carving Night

The girls picked out every eye and every shape...exact locations included!!! They were very "into it" this year...I was more into the cinnamon and spice pumpkin seed recipe I found...yummy!!!!

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K-Mart Double Coupon Days
Well, since my new obsession is coupons, my blog would not be complete without a post about one of my recent deals. Some K-Marts around the country were doubling coupons this week, so on our way back from recruitment at Pillsbury, we stopped at the K-Mart in Rice Lake. I got $88.00 worth of stuff for $16.33...then, the register (catalina machine) printed out $16.00 off my next K-Mart, essentially I paid $16.33 and was given back $16.00!!!!

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Birthday Party Fun
Grace is a little girl that has been coming to our church's Kids' Club on Wednesday nights, and the girls were invited to her birthday party. They had a blast.
Who knew balloons and a staircase could provide so much entertainment?!
Madeline and the birthday girl.

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Girls' Night
Fun, dinner and a concert. What a great Friday night!! I went with my best bud Carissa and her mom. Fun memories!

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We Love Polly Pockets!!
The girls absolutely love their Polly Pockets...they can play for hours with them!!

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Daddy Hair-Do
Rob did Robbie's hair on this day...I don't know what you notice first...the hair or the many bruises on his head! Poor guy!! He is constantly knocking in to things.

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Maggie's Jog-A-Thon
Maggie and her two buddies, Andrew and Cotter.
One of her #1 fans.
Running with Daddy
Running with friends.

Running is definitely not something that Maggie enjoys doing, in fact, she started crying when they said, "Go!". She soon got into it, and by the end, she totaled 40 laps. She did finish a few laps on Rob's back, but overall, she did a really good job. Thank you family members who sponsored her for the jog-a-thon!!

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Getting Ready for Church

The girls in their new dresses from Grandma Shell and PaPa.
Robbie loves to wear glasses of any type.
Robbie loves to hide in the curtains. The picture below is what he did when I told him to "hide."

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Rob's Surprise Party
Celebrating Rob's last year in the "twenties." Happy 29th Birthday!!!

He was very surprised when we came in the door and all of our camp friends were there to surprise him...we got him good!!

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Cute...and not so cute...
The not so cute...Rob brought these goofy teeth home from work, and the girls loved them!
And the CUTE...I looked over, and he was just laying there next to this stuffed dog...of course, I had to take some pictures...

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