Wednesday, March 28, 2007
My Birthday Surprise
I must preface this blog entry by saying that Rob Fipps and Jamin Jantz must be the BEST husbands ever!!! A month ago, Jamin (the husband of one of my dearest friends, Melissa), contacted Rob and they put together a super surprise birthday plan for me and Mel. Mel and I have birthdays that are only about a week and a half apart, so the guys went in on a plane ticket for Mel to fly up here to visit. Jamin took Mel out to eat for her birthday, and gave her a plane ticket - she was in shock when she realized that it was a ticket to come to Wisconsin for the weekend. Then, they still didn't tell me...Rob told me that I was needed to go pick up our camp director's wife from the airport. I went to Green Bay, and waited for Terry's flight to come in. Now, it would have been really cool if Mel had walked into the baggage claim like the guys had planned, but unfortunately, she got stuck in Chicago for the night!!! Rob called me and told me on the phone that I was really going to pick up Mel, but that I would have to go back in the morning to get her. Well, her flight finally came in early Friday morning, so we had all weekend to spend together!! It was so great having her here to see where I live, etc. She left on Monday afternoon. We had so much fun just hanging out, and she helped me a ton with Maggie's birthday party. It was so great to have one of my best friends up here for my birthday. Thank you so much Jamin for cooking up this plan, and to Rob for being a co-conspirator in this super-wonderful birthday surprise!!! Definitely one of the best birthdays ever!!!

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Maggie's Princess Birthday Party
The guests: Caileigh Wood, Madeline, Emma Belford, and Andrew Belford
Maggie enjoying her much requested Princess Cake. She kept begging me for one, so I found a picture on the internet, and tried to copy it!
Rob in Andrew's Knight Outfit...Rob tried to make our "boy" guest feel at home by taking him outside to ride on the four-wheeler with him!!
Enjoying our "tea party."

All the girls got a "makeover."
Playing "Pass the Slipper."
Our crafts were foam crowns that the kids decorated.

One cute story that I just can't leave out...I had a friend visiting (Melissa Jantz) who was sleeping on the couch. She said that when it was still dark Saturday morning, she heard Maggie come out of her room, and in the darkness she heard her little voice say, "It's a dream come true. It really is a princess party!!!" Maggie then got back in bed and went back to sleep until the sun came out...We had decorated after Maggie went to bed, so she was so shocked when she woke up to a totally princess dining room!!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007
Moving On Up...
Maggie moved up into the 4s and 5s Sunday School class on Sunday. She is standing by her friend, Brandon Priest (she says she is going to marry him, but she did not want to stand by him to take this picture!!).
Madeline moved up to the 2s and 3s Sunday School class on Sunday.
Our Big Four Year Old!!

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Maggie's Birthday Surprise - the Appleton Children's Museum

Waiting patiently to go in the museum...
The girls loved this place!! We were there for four hours, but probably could've been there many more!!
Maggie cooking in the "Spanish Kitchen."
Madeline looked hilarious walking around on the fire truck with these boots on. They were probably 5 sizes too big!!!

"Firefighter Maggie" to the rescue. I think she thought she was a "Higglytown Hero."

This is what Maggie keeps talking about - the heart that you can crawl in, slide down, etc. It even had red flashing lights and a loud "thud-thud, thud-thud" sound coming out of it!

The "water" room. Despite the rain jackets, the girls managed to get pretty soaked.

Maggie's favorite room - the art room. They had teachers who helped them, and Maggie spent quite a bit of time perfecting her picture. She is definitely into art right now!!
The girls climbing through the giant two-story "tree house" that was in the center of the museum.
Looking out of the treehouse window.

The girls flying their jet to Grandma & Grandpa's house!!

Shopping in the "pretend" grocery store.

Maggie and about five other kids serving Rob in the pretend "cafe."

Maggie taking care of the dolls in the "Doll Hospital."

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Maggie's Birthday Morning - March 17th, 2007
The girls were so excited to open presents, (yes, even Madeline got presents to open from the grandparents!!!) that they brought the presents right into our bed Saturday morning!! They got so many cute things - thank you so much to everyone who thought of Maggie on her birthday!!! I believe she got presents in the mail from 8 or 9 different people, and she had 7 or 8 messages on our answering machine from different people wishing her a happy birthday (this does not count grandparents!!) She was POPULAR, and loving it!! Thank you to everyone!

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Spending Time With Good Friends...

Friday night, we got to spend some time with some friends of ours that used to live at NBBC, Ken and Samantha Keith, but have since moved to Guam to help with a ministry there. It was sooooo good to see them again, and we were so thankful to be able to spend an evening with them. We have many hilarious memories with them including sharing a downtown MN hotel room together!!! Our friendship has now spanned almost 6 years, and while we are sad that they are so far away, it is so awesome to see them loving the ministry that God has put them in, and also to see the ways that He has prepared them for this specific ministry!! We love you guys!!! Long live Portillo's!!!!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Girls' Photo Shoot

We had a nice Spring day yesterday, so I took the girls outside for some pictures. Well, I thought, "It's so warm - it must be at least 60 degrees." I got in my car and the temperature was 43 degrees!!! I guess our bodies are getting too accustomed to this cold weather.
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