Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Calendar Pictures
We made calendars for parents, grandparents, etc. this year for Christmas. These are the "12 Months of Maggie and Madeline."




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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Madeline's Rendition of I Cor. 13:1

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Here is the video I promised in the last post of Madeline saying I Corinthians 13:1. She's getting it...
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Monday, January 22, 2007
Learning About Love...

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We've been starting to learn I Corinthians 13 in our family devotions. It definitely ties in to many of the sister/sister conflicts that break out in our household! Maggie looks drugged in this video, (now you know how we get them to memorize things!) but it is right before bedtime, so we were stretching things to get her to do this. I'll try to get one of Madeline saying it pretty soon - it is so cute: " cymbal." That is I Corinthians 13:1 as Madeline knows it. I'll get her video up here soon.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
IT"S A BOY!!!!
The long awaited announcement is here....we are having a boy. Oral Robert Fipps III has been identified, and we are very excited! The ultrasound technician and the doctor were both in full agreement that the baby is indeed our little "Robbie." Also, Robbie looked very healthy, so we are very thankful and rejoicing for that. I got a little emotional while watching this little baby moving around on the TV screen. What an amazing Creator our God is!

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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Fipps' Delinquent Christmas/New Years Update
Our trip "down South" started with a stop at a "show and tell" (Maggie has always called hotels that!). We went to Red Robin for dinner, and made a dessert stop at Krispy Kreme. It was the girls' first experience at the ultimate donut place...they picked one with frosting AND sprinkles!

We got to spend a couple of days with my parents in Anderson, SC. We had a great time celebrating Christmas Day with them, and the girls enjoyed Grandma's hour-long stocking presents (mom loves stocking presents). The trip was cut-short due to a HUGE answer to prayer. My parents finally sold their house in Texas after about two years on the market. They went down to close on the house on the 29th. It has been a huge lesson in prayer for Maggie, as this has been her steady prayer request ever since she started praying. It has been so neat to see her realize that God answered her prayers, and to see her now stopping me mid-day to ask me to pray with her about different things! Praise the Lord! We are rejoicing with my parents over this huge burden lifted! Love you mom and dad!
Madeline super excited about the glitter crayons in her stocking!
I love this picture of my you dad!!

Madeline and Grandpa

Celebrating Madeline's birthday a little early with Grandma and Grandpa!

After leaving my parents in Anderson, SC, we went to spend the rest of our vacation in Charleston, SC with Rob's family. The two pictures above are of the girls' "Pre-Present Opening" with PaPa and Grandma Shell. The adults were too excited to wait one more day, so everyone opened a couple presents a little early...the girls didn't mind too much either! We got to spend a little bit of time with Maggie and Madeline's Great Great Grandma. She is an incredible woman who is 92 years old and still lives on her own!
No trip to Charleston would be complete without a trip to the Children's Museum. The girls love it!! They have a miniature grocery store that Maggie loves, a fishing boat to play in, a castle to dress up in, and much more.
New Years' Eve was so much fun! Some of our closest friends, Will & Lisa Messier and Jamin & Mel Jantz came down to spend the weekend with us. We all stayed at a condo on Kiawah Island (without any children, of course), and made so many memories! When we get together we laugh and laugh and laugh...we did this three years ago with the same friends, and plan on making it an annual event. Then we all went to the Fipps' house for a New Years' Day feast...including Hoppin' Johns and Collard Greens.
Just wanted to add a note about Lisa & Mel...I am so thankful to God for these friends. Our friendship has stood the test of time, and I know that our bond will continue to remain strong for many years to come. The memories that I have with each of them are of laughter and tears, celebrations and sorrow, and I know that their friendship is a gift from God.

On our way home, we stayed with my Grandma Holmes in Kentucky. Maggie loves staying at Grandma's house because of her "doll room" that she gets to sleep in. We also got to spend some time with my Aunt Jana and Uncle Wes and their kids. We only get to see them about twice a year, so we were glad to be able to have some time there.

Thanks for bearing with this long update! I was noticing that in our little "blogging community," I was one of the last ones to update since Christmas...hope people are still checking our blog!
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