Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Anderson, SC
We spent the second half of our vacation in Anderson, SC with my parents. We had such a good relaxing time, but the highlight of the time with them was the girls' first boat ride.

We stopped on an island and let the kids play in the sand and in the water. Madeline is our child with no fear, so we had to watch her a little more closely than Maggie.
Robbie seemed to enjoy it, except when his little head would bob down and he would taste some of the water.

Robbie didn't seem to like his infant life jacket too much. He also lost his hat about halfway through the ride...Madeline was crying and pointing in the water saying something about a hat, and we were all telling her not too worry about it. Then, a while later, we realized she was crying because Robbie's hat had blown in the water!

Madeline learning how to float.

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Monday, August 27, 2007
Our Trip to Disney World
Our trip to Disney World was incredible...definitely "a dream come true" for the girls!! It was so much fun watching their faces light up!! Plus, a great time with our parents and Kelly. We are so thankful to our parents for taking us on such a great vacation!

We stayed at the beautiful Contemporary Resort...our patio overlooked the Cinderella Castle...this is the girls looking at it the morning we were headed out to Disney! It was so cool to be able to sit on our patio and watch the fireworks at night, too!
Maggie with Mary Poppins.
The girls watching a show.
Chip and Dale....the first characters we saw when we arrived at the Magic Kingdom.
Rob and I on the Monorail.

Aunt Kelly, PaPa and the girls on the teacups.

On the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Maggie and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) had to wait about 30 minutes to see any of the characters...CRAZY!!

Maggie and Cinderella.
We had dinner at the Crystal Palace restaurant one night...the food was awesome, and the Pooh characters came around to the table. The kids also got to participate in a "parade" around the restaurant with the characters.

Maggie in the parade.

Waiting to get on the Dumbo ride.

What a cute family....if you're wondering why Maggie is so dressed up, she went to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique with her Grandma Shell. They do their hair (even putting extentions in), make-up, nails, dress, shoes, etc. She wore this Tinkerbell outfit for almost three days. We couldn't get her out of it. The best part about it, was that the Disney staff were told to greet any girls who were from the Boutique with their names....everywhere she went, the staff said, "Hello, Tinkerbell." She kept saying to me, "Mommy, they recognize me!" We even had a worker come to her with "Mickey Mouse's Autograph Book" saying that Mickey wanted her autograph for his book...This is the guy getting Maggie's autograph for "Mickey Mouse's Autograph Book." So cute. She felt so important.
The girls in the double stroller they rode around in all day.

Madeline was so cute with all the characters...she just had to "feel" them...all over!!! She squeezed their noses, pulled their whiskers, and petted their fur.

Aunt Kelly and Maggie waiting to go in the Princess Storybook Dinner.

This is another little girl that Maggie met that was waiting to go into the Princess Storybook Dinner. They danced all over the courtyard...they were so cute. Maggie met so many "new friends" on our trip. It was so interesting watching her "communicate" with a little girl from Italy who couldn't speak English, she even learned how to say Goodbye in Italian from her. She also met a couple of girls from China. It was fun showing her where they lived on the map...when I showed her where her friend from Italy lived, she said, "Oh, look, she lives right across the river from us!"
Madeline's kiss from a Princess.
The girls with all of the Princesses that were at the Princess Dinner.

This is Alice in Wonderland (the girls weren't so sure about her!)
Waiting for the fireworks one night...
Every night, the girls fell asleep right away...I just had to take this picture of one of our "sleeping angels."
Three Generations
PaPa and Robbie.

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