Wednesday, November 28, 2007
The Whole Month of November!!!
Some messages in the snow that Maggie did for Rob and I. "I mis yu." for Rob who was out of town, and "Mom" with a heart for me. She is trying to spell everything now!

Playing in the snow. Last year, we had to drag them out to play in the snow...this year they are begging me to let them!

Eating snow seems to be one of the top attractions.

I told her to make an angry face...pretty believable!

Not quite enough snow for a snow angel yet!

I was really impressed that Maggie was able to do this whole board with little help from me! Her four year old brain must get it's math capacities from her dad!

Madeline would hang them all right in a row together like this...we had to do some rearranging after they went to bed!

Picking out our tree...the sun was so bright, I couldn't see what I was taking a picture of...didn't mean to get the "tree guy" in it!

This year we had a special Thanksgiving breakfast. We had a "fancy" breakfast with our china, then we read the Thanksgiving story. We had five kernels of corn on our plates (picturing the five kernels of corn that the pilgrims had rationed out to them per day), and we went around and told one thing we were thankful for for each kernel of corn. After our yummy breakfast of oven french toast and cinnamon brown sugar bacon, we wrote on the tablecloth the things we were thankful for for 2007. We hope to do this every year. It was a fun family tradition.

What Maggie wrote down that she was thankful for:
Since Madeline can't write yet, she drew a picture of what she was thankful for (she said this was a "God-circle", and that she was thankful for Daddy and God).
I am so blessed to have such a loving husband!

We had all the church kids over for a Sunday night activity. We had pizza and brownies, played the Wii, and made the snack for the next Kids' Club.

Robbie after his bath with his first "comb-over."

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