Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Enjoying a Cool (65-70 degree) Wisconsin Evening
Rob has been enjoying firing up the grill just about every night that we are home. Tonight I marinated some chicken, onions and green peppers in BBQ sauce, grilled it, and put it in flour tortillas with salsa, sour cream and cheese. It was so yummy. For our "seconds," we rolled the chicken, onions, peppers and toppings in the tortilla, and put it back on the grill. It came out crispy on the outside, with all the cheese and stuff melted on the inside. Delish!
I LOVE this picture of Madeline! She loves to blow the Dandelions, and I just happenned to catch her in action.

Maggie is finally big enough to ride her bike. She has had her beautiful, shiny, Barbie bike (complete with a built on lipstick compartment and mirror - a girl can never be too prepared) for more than a year now, but her legs are finally able to reach the pedals for a full rotation around. She was being pretty tough tonight. Our driveway is on a hill, which makes for some treacherous bike riding, and Rob decided that "tough-love" was the best method. Each time the bike would tip and Maggie would fall to the ground, Rob would say, "Are you gonna let that bike beat you, or are you going to beat the bike?!" Maggie would not even wimper, and would come back with, "I'm going to beat the bike." She would then get back on and defiantly say to her bike, "I can do it by myself." She is doing pretty good, and I think if we can give her some practice time on a flat surface, she will do great.
Maggie and Madeline helped Rob give our new van its' first wash. They were soaking wet and freezing when we were done...it is 65 degrees here for all of you down South!!!
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Monday, August 28, 2006
Life Lessons from Ephesians 5

I have been studying Ephesians 5 this summer, and the Lord has been teaching me a lot of what it means to "not be drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Spirit." I had been really convicted about how undisciplined my life was (eating habits, lack of structure in my day, etc.), and how the opposite of a "drunk" life was a disciplined/structured life (i.e. a Spirit filled life). I have started changing quite a few things, and one of them is a scheduled day. Of course, this is only the second day of this, but I can tell a difference already. I am happier and my children are happier (funny how that works!). I have been getting up early to have my devotions - instead of nap time - and it has been really special for many reasons. For one, my mind set is definitely more focused, but for an added benefit, Maggie has been getting up in the middle of my time, and is not only seeing her mommy giving God the first part of her day, but has been reading and praying with me. What a blessing! I have been also spending 45 minutes to an hour with Maggie going through several Pre-K workbooks (while Madeline has been playing in her room), and then I have been spending about 30 minutes with Madeline (reading, flashcards, etc.) while Maggie has had room time. I know a lot of you probably already do something similar to this, but I am another testimony to how a scheduled day adds so much tranquility to your life. Of course, I won't do this everyday, but on the days we are around the house, Lord willing, I will be able to keep up with this. I used to think that this would leave me with little, if any, time to do stuff around the house (and my neat-freakness did not like that prospect). But it turns out, by spending time with the girls earlier in the day, they play better the rest of the morning, and I am able to get stuff done then. Special thanks to Julie Herbster who has no idea that she is the one who influenced me to do this kind of scheduling, and to Rob, who has been sweetly suggesting this for a couple of months now!!
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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Could It Be...Playing Peacefully?!

It seems like I have been waiting forever for my girls to be at ages where they could start playing together. Well, over the past few months, I have gotten my wish. They are definitely starting to play together, however, normally it ends in a knockdown, drag-out fight over a doll baby that they both want to play with, etc. Today, I walked into Maggie's room, and saw them playing nicely and peaceably together!! I was so excited I grabbed the camera to capture this moment. They were pretending that Madeline was the baby and Maggie was the mommy. In these pictures Maggie is pretending to change Madeline's diaper and to give her a bottle.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
Funny Story of the Day

Just had to blog this picture...this morning, Maggie was playing with some hangers. She thought it was great to have this hanger necklace until she thought that they were all stuck around her neck. She was not too happy that I was taking this picture instead of helping her from this "certain death," but I needed this picture for future memories!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Visiting Great Grandma Holmes

On our way back up to Wisconsin, we stayed with my Grandma in Kentucky. Maggie loves to stay at Great Grandma's house, because the bed that Maggie sleeps on is full of dolls. She couldn't wait to go downstairs the next morning to eat breakfast with Great Grandma, so she picked out her clothes and got dressed all by herself. Besides her shoes being on the wrong feet, she did a great job! We also got to stop by my Aunt Jana & Uncle Wes's house on the way out of town, and got to spend a few minutes with their kids. Maggie loves going over there to play with the kids, and Madeline is fascinated with Ginger, their dog.
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Congratulations Josh & Liz!
The Program Guys United Again

Phil & Rachel: Newly Engaged Couple
Josh & Liz : Newly Married Couple
It was great to be able to attend Josh Pegram and Liz Lugbill's wedding! It was beautiful, and the music was incredible...Josh wrote a song and sang it pre-recorded, Josh's little brother sang a beautiful song as Liz walked down the aisle, and the Camp Choir sang from the balcony on two songs. It was gorgeous! We love you Josh & Liz! It was also fun catching up with a lot of camp staff that was able to be there. This is the third summer in a row that a Northland Camp couple has gotten married this same weekend at this same church. Who will it be next summer?!
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Spending Time With Friends

We love going to Greenville to see so many of our friends that are still there. We stopped in at Mel & Jamin Jantz's house for a little while and got to see little Aiden for the second time. He is adorable, and has changed so much since we saw him at just 2 weeks old. Mel and Jamin are planning to go to China by 2008, so if you think about it, pray for them!
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Time in Anderson, SC With My Parents
Maggie & Grandma
Maggie & Grandpa with Their Freshly Iced Cookies
Maggie & Grandma Playing Candy Land
After leaving Charleston, SC, we headed to Anderson, SC where my parents are now living. Since my parents are in a transition point while they are waiting for their house to sell in Texas, we stayed in the Prophet's Chamber at University Baptist Church where my parents are members. It was actually a full house, so it was a real blessing to be able to stay there for a couple of days. Mom had all kinds of fun things planned for the girls. Our first meal there consisted of "Cats & Dogs." Mom and Maggie wrapped hot dogs in croissant rolls, and decorated them with ears, tails, legs, eyes, etc. Maggie loved that. Then for the "cats", mom had bowls of applesauce decorated to look like cats with apples for ears, chinese noodles for whiskers, and cinnamon for eyes and nose. It was so cute. The girls also got to make and decorate cookies, play Candy Land many times, and go to Chuck E. Cheese. We love you Mom & Dad!
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Every Good Gift is From Above!

Praise the Lord! Rob's parents surprised us with a 2006 Honda Odyssey. The Lord has used our parents to supply our needs on many occasions, and we are truly thankful. "Every good gift is from above and cometh down from the Father of Lights." We are still in shock, but are constantly reminded of our great God who always goes beyond what we could ever imagine.
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Spending Time in Charleston, SC
Maggie and Madeline With Their Honey (Great Grandma)
Madeline in Her New Chair PaPa Bought Her
Maggie With Her New My Little Pony
After Nashville, we headed down with Rob's family to their home on Johns Island, SC. We had a good time with them...going to Chuck E. Cheese's, seeing family, etc. And of course, plenty of good Southern cookin'! We had such a relaxing visit.
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Vacation in Nashville, TN
Grandma Shell & Maggie
The Whole Family
Fried Corn Fritters with Powdered Sugar...yum!
PaPa & Madeline
Aunt Kelly & Maggie
The day that camp ended we loaded up and headed down to meet Rob's parents in Nashville, TN for a little family vacation. We shopped and ate and shopped and ate the whole time...that's my idea of a vacation. We ate at two really cool restaurants...the Rainforest Cafe and the Aquarium. Both were definitely cool experiences for the girls. The restaurant that these pictures were taken at was right across the street from the Opry Hotel. Terrific food...fried, fried and more fried!!! At the end of the meal, Maggie said, "That was IMPRESSIVE!" The waitress thought that was so funny, that she got her manager to come out to see the "three-year old that said her meal was impressive."
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Friday, August 11, 2006
Maggie's Concert on the Rock

Maggie loves to make up songs (usually to the tune of a Patch the Pirate song or "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus"). Last night was no different. I took them outside to take some pictures of them, and Maggie stood on the rock in our front yard and performed her little heart out. I couldn't resist taking a few pictures. This song definitely depicted some of the woes of being a three-year-old: "I was being good, but then I wasn't...." (or something like that.).
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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Maggie's Rough Night

Maggie finally got what was coming to her...although this time, I think she was actually innocent. When I went to pick her up from children's group, she had a bloody nose and busted lip. She looked pretty pathetic holding her wet paper towel up to her mouth with dried blood coming out of her nose. She was very brave, however, and her teachers told me that some boys were playing rough, and she got in their path of destruction.
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Maggie & Chayton

Maggie and Chayton Gearhart are definitely starting to communicate more...I think it might be the start of something:

Maggie: "Chayton, are you coming to Funny Time tonight?"
Chayton: "Yeah."
Maggie: "Sit with me."
Chayton: "Okay."
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Camp Pictures Round II
Josh Pegram, Michael Pettit, Rob and Joel Albright
Rob (a.k.a. Harry) on the Funny Time set...best funny time in years! I was actually sad tonight at the thought of not seeing this one again, whereas in past years, by the last camp week, you are sick of watching the same thing over and over...
Woodhall Springstein
Mike Egerdahl and Rob
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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Life at Camp
Rob & The Program Guys
Rob's program team this year is definitely the best yet. All the guys give 110% in everything they do around camp. They have become like brothers to Rob and like uncles to Maggie & Madeline. We love you guys, and are going to miss you!

Rob & Jason Harrison

Jason is a counselor this summer, and was in Rob's Power Group last summer.

Rob & Matt Sherban

Matt works on our Operational Staff team, and is in Rob's Power Group this year. He is most well known in our family for his chef-like abilities. We had Rob's Power Group over not that long ago, and Matt grilled up some mean pinwheel steaks, corn on the cob, and garlic bread.

Brother Steve & Steve Johns Performing Live

Brother Steve and Steve Johns lip synched to a famous opera duet for our Staff Banquet this year. Definitely a memorable evening!

Getting Ready for Family Field Games

These are just a few of the summer staff who sacrificed their summers for the Lord here at camp. We had an incredible group this summer, and we thank God for their passionate hearts for Him. We all grew so much...especially through our study of Hebrews 12. Praise the Lord for all he has done in our hearts and the lives of campers this summer. I just thought I should put some pictures of camp on here, since that is WHAT we do!!! Plus, some pictures of my dashingly handsome husband....what a hottie!

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