Saturday, May 31, 2008
First Days of Staff Training 2008
Here are a couple pictures from the first 1/2 week of staff training. Monday starts our first full week of staff training. It has been so fun seeing staff members who are returning, as well as meeting all the many new faces. A couple of these pictures were taken by the camp photographer...she did a great job!

Precious moments with Daddy.
Madeline and Maggie are loving fighting, ummmm....sharing...pushing Robbie around in his stroller!!:)

What would I do without my dear friend Dee Dee Gearhart?!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Our First "Summer" Day
Maggie showing off her skills in Carissa's driveway...our driveway is definitely not good for practicing your bike riding...Maggie was thrilled to have plenty of room to ride.
Madeline with her teeny-tiny bike.
Chloe (I think!) Belford
Me and my favorite friend...God is so good to give you people who understand you completely (most of the time!).
Eden (?) - chillin' out in the sun.

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Reading Little Women

Maggie's favorite book right now is the "Little Women." Our friend, Katie Short, found this for Maggie, and she hasn't stopped reading it since. She really doesn't ever stop reading except for eating and sleeping. There aren't many kids in K-4 who love reading "Little Women!"When I work out in the morning, I always put a show on for the kids. Maggie begs me not to so she can sit in her favorite spot in the living room and READ!

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Friday, May 23, 2008
Practicing for T-Ball Season
The first Saturday in June is Maggie's first Beecher/Pembine/Dunbar T-Ball game. We signed her up on Tuesday night after much conversation: first, she was not happy about being the only girl on the team...then we talked her into how great it would be to be the only girl on the team...then she found out that one of her little girl friends was going to be on the team...then she was bummed because she wouldn't be the only girl on the team...oh, the emotional roller coasters of a girl's emotions. I'm sure this is just the beginning...
Rob took her outside to show her a few things last night. We thought it would be a good idea before her first game if she knew some of the basics...throwing, catching...what the bases are for!!:) She really enjoyed did Madeline who won't be able to play until next summer.

A naked Robbie watches from the front door.
Rob is holding his bat from when he was he is teaching his children how to bat with precious...:)

Giving a few pointers...
Step and throw...step and throw...step and throw...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Recent Fipps' Pictures

Robbie sucking on his gums...pretty normal expression these days.
Saying "please." He just learned his first sign language word this month.
Clapping his hands...anytime anyone says, "Yay!"
My two "computer nerds." They love to play computer games...all day long if I would let them.

The new and improved fire pit that Daddy and Uncle Ben made for us this weekend. We hope to use it a lot this summer.

All smiles and laughs now that he has some medicine in him for his newest round of ear infections. Please pray for us as we meet with a specialist next week about the possibility of putting tubes in his ears.

Madeline showing off the roller blades I got her at a yard sale this weekend...only $ .75!!
This is typical for Madeline...stopping to look at a bug! She is fascinated with bugs!!

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Family Pictures

Ben Gunderson, a.k.a. Uncle Ben, stayed with us this week while he was taking a summer school class. The girls LOVE their Uncle Ben!

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