Monday, July 30, 2007
Robbie's First Smiles and Other Pics...

My first cute am I?!

Brianne and I at our Staff Appreciation Banquet.
Shannon and I.
Steven Choi, Rob, and Dave Doran.

Some of the guys at the Banquet.
Isetta and I.
One of my best friends, Dee Dee Gearhart.
The Program Guys doing their cheer.

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What a Cutie!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Teen Camp Memories 2007
Maggie and Chayton Gearhart being goofy...
Giselle and Dee Dee Gearhart
"Uncle Mark" Centers and the girls.
Christy and David Galkin
Madeline and Lily Galkin

The Man. The Legend. Rob Fipps.
Aaron and Stephanie Coffey
Program Guys...

Katie Short and Madeline...her friend that keeps candy at her desk!!!:)
Maggie and Chayton Gearhart cheering for the red team.
More cheering...
Best Buds.

Helaine Rozelle and the girls.
Brianne Haskett and the girls.
Final Scoring.

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Swim Time at the Belfords
Emma, Andrew and Maggie...great friends.
Having a great time with the little bike in the pool!!!
Telling secrets...
...more secrets...
Me and my little man.
Madeline found this hat at their house, and wore it all day... in the pool!!

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Thursday, July 26, 2007
Beauty. Pure and Simple.

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"I go running..."

Madeline was so cute tonight. She found Rob's hat that he goes running in and was speeding around the house saying, "I go running. I go running."
FYI: Just a small piece of trivia...I bought that hat for Rob the first time I visited his home in Charleston when we were you can tell it is falling apart!!!
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