Wednesday, November 29, 2006
Thanksgiving With Four Generations

For Thanksgiving we went to my Grandparents' house in Michigan. My parents also drove up from South Carolina - we had four generations together! We had Grandma's traditional Thanksgiving feast (very yummy!), and also did our traditional 5:00am shopping trip the day after Thanksgiving. Got some great deals on Christmas presents! Such a great trip!
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Digging In Too Deep...

While at my Grandparents' house for Thanksgiving, Madeline had been sleeping for a very long time for her nap, and we decided to go in and wake her up. Rob walked in to discover a very asleep girl with dried-brown-diaper-deposits all over her face and hands. Apparently, in trying to fall asleep for her nap, she had decided to dirty her diaper, and then play with it. Yuck!!
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Bringing the Tree Home!

The girls were so excited that Daddy was bringing the tree home for "Decorating Night."
They had so much fun "prancing" around the living room to Christmas music, and hanging ornaments on the tree (kind of!).

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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Surprise Shower for Sarah Zimmerman!

Today we had a Surprise Shower for Sarah Zimmerman. Sarah is marrying Bob Roberts in a few months, and we definitely surprised her with this little shower from the Camp Girls. We are so happy for you Sarah and Bob!!!
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New Clothes...
Madeline is showing off her new Sunday coat. I had forgotten that I had bought it at a Garage Sale this past summer (thank you to Debbie G.!), and Rob reminded me!! Madeline was so excited...she kept telling people at church, "Noo Cote."
Thank you Aunt Kelly for the new pants...Kelly works at an upscale boutique store on Kiawah Island, and gets Maggie the cutest clothes! These wine-colored corduroy pants looked so cute on her. I thought you would like to see a pic, Kelly!
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Friday, November 10, 2006
A Very Snowy Day

These are some pictures from our front door this afternoon. Try to imagine that yesterday, there was no snow on the ground. It has been snowing all day here! How beautiful is God's Creation!! It is amazing how trees with no leaves can look so pretty covered with snow.

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Our Weekend Away...
Rob and I decided awhile back, that we were in desperate need of some time away (without the kids!!). It's funny how easy it is to slip into the roles of "business partners" and "chums", while not really having as much of that "dating" relationship that is so important. We went away for three days/two nights to Chicago. These are some pictures of the hotel that we stayed at - The Renaissance. It was incredibly modern - so cool!!! Check out the TV in the mirror in the bathroom. We got it on Priceline. If you have never gotten a hotel on Priceline before, I highly recommend it. We almost always get 4-star hotels, and never pay more than $50-70/ a night. We usually bid the night before we are leaving though, since hotels know they probably won't be filling those rooms that night, and it also works better in areas with lots of hotels (like Chicago or Indianapolis) - although, we have gotten some in Green Bay and Appleton. We had so much fun. We called it our Weekend of Indulgences - as we indulged in every calorie-laden food that you could think of. We also called it our Oprah Tour of Chicago, since we tried to hit a couple of places that Oprah has talked about on her "Best of..." shows. Definitely would recommend Garrett's Popcorn - Oprah's favorite popcorn place on Michigan Ave. Yum!! We spent some time downtown, as well as at favorite shopping stop. We also ate at the Weber Grill restaurant...shown on the Food Network for grilling all of your food on real charcoal was delicious. I could go on and on about all of the sinful food we consumed on this trip, but I will spare you. Did I mention Chicago style hot dogs?!

Jenny and Johnny Borchardt stayed with the girls for the first night/day that we were gone. The girls had so much fun with them (and their new dog). Below is a picture of Johnny and the girls pretending to sleep, and a picture of their trip to the playground. Tamara Prine and Melanie Aynes watched the girls for the second night/day, and the last picture is of them at Wendy's. The little boy in the picture is Will Hotchkins. Jennifer and her boys joined Tammy, Melanie, and the girls at Wendy's on Sunday for lunch. The girls had so much fun with their many babysitters for the weekend.

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Late in Coming...Here's Our Trick or Treaters!

You know it's bad, when your husband (who always mocks you for your obsessive blogging), tells you you need to update the blog!!! Oops!! I have just been in that "first-trimester-no-incentive-to-do-anything-mode." The girls had so much fun trick-or-treating with the Belford kids. The Belford twins and Madeline were all ladybugs, and Maggie, Andrew and Emma were all cowboys/cowgirls. Talk about a sight to see coming down the sidewalk!! We went to Norway, MI to a nice neighborhood that Carissa knew about. I'll have to was really nice. One house was actually giving out full size candybars, and Madeline got two!! It was freezing cold though!! Plus, now that it gets dark at 4:30pm, it was pitch black and freezing! Our little ladybugs and cowboy/girls were ready for dinner, so we all went to McDonalds for a little dinner. I don't think a Big Mac has ever tasted so good!

After our adult-driven candy-collecting ("Come on, kids....we know it's 20 degrees out, but let's go to just one more house!!!"), we went to our annual Camp Costume Party at the Gearhart's house. Rob was a mechanic, and I was Miss Dunbar 1993. We had a blast playing Mafia! Love our camp family!!
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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Our Big Announcement...

Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos
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