Saturday, February 09, 2008
Making Valentines
This was my first year to have to think about valentines...I found this idea in Family Fun magazine, and Maggie is very excited to give them to her classmates. You put broken crayons in heart shaped muffin tins...melt them in the oven...then freeze them. They come out as heart shaped crayons!! Pretty cool, huh?!

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More Pics in Robbie's New SC Gear!

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Don't Tell Daddy - He's Playing with Dolls!

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The Many Faces of Robbie (in his new SC gear!)

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Footie Pajamas
How does she do it? Always making us laugh...she doesn't even have to try. She is usually pretty decent at dressing herself, but these footie pajamas always mess her up!!

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Rob's Truck
From South Carolina to Wisconsin, Rob's truck got a cold introduction to Wisconsin life.

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Snow Ball Fight with Uncle Ben

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