Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Marcella @ 13 Weeks

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Monday, April 20, 2009
Daddy Loves to Fix Robbie's Hair

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Easter Egg Hunt - Modified!

Since we were going to be out of town for Easter weekend, we had our Easter Egg Hunt a little early...unfortunately, there was still snow on the ground (and it was freezing outside), so we had our hunt inside. The kids didn't care...
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Marcella @ 11 Weeks

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More Robbie Injuries

This is Robbie just days before he was to be the ringbearer in his Aunt Kelly's wedding...a close encounter with the driveway!! What a boy!

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The Big 3-0!

My birthday dinner at that great supper club, "Paris in Pembine."
The big birthday surprise party put on by my best friend, Carissa.
What a memorable 30th birthday!!
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The Coolest Sushi Restaurant Ever!!

For my birthday, Rob sent me on a crazy hunt for clues all day...a scavenger hunt with an elaborate list of clues that ended at the home of my best friend with the final present: Rob and I were going away to Chicago for the weekend. He had babysitters lined up and everything...
We had so much fun, but this restaurant proved to be one of the highlights of our weekend (unfortunately, these are the only pics of the whole weekend!). We both love sushi, and this restaurant was awesome! Not only was the sushi exceptional, but there was a moving track that went by your table with all different kinds of sushi coming by. You simply open the door by your table and grab the kinds you want as they come around. The plates are color-coded by price...your waitress just adds up your "plate colors" at the end for your bill!
So much fun! I love my husband...he completes me!
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