Saturday, April 12, 2008
Snowy April
This was what the weather was like for my birthday...what an April Fools Day!

A group of my girl friends and I went out for my birthday to a local Pembine eating establishment: "Paris in Pembine." We had such a great time. Two of these girls are new friends that I have met through Maggie's school - they both have kids in Maggie's K-4 class at Pembine Public School.
This is the scene that we woke up to two mornings this week...we would get 9-12 inches of snow while we were sleeping, it would melt during the day, and then we would get 9-12 inches a couple of days later!!! Just when we thought we might remember what our driveway and grass looked like!! We just had another blizzard last night...looks like Summer may never come.

Robbie's crawling...and getting stuck under the crib! He hasn't totally mastered the crawl...he kind of does a military crawl using his tummy and elbows. He manages to get around, although he gets a little frustrated.

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